Thursday, July 8, 2010

Porter vs. Jenkins Vacations

When it comes to vacations, the Porters love to relax and the Jenkins love to "go."  A typical Porter vacation would involve a pool, a book, and lots of chocolate.  The Jenkins, although they love to relax and they definitely love to eat their sweets, they enjoy going and doing and seeing everything.  A typical Jenkins vacation would probably involve horse back riding, white water rafting, hiking, biking, along with some sort of competition...whether it be a sand castle competition, or who can swim the fastest, who can hold their breath under the water the longest, and any other game you probably did when you were five years old, but is just as cool to play today.  After you get back from a "Jenkins vacation," you'll probably need to take a "Porter vacation" just so you can catch up on your sleep.  If I had to choose which type of vacation I prefer, I definitely couldn't make a decision.  Both are fun and have lots to offer. 

One of the favorite Porter vacations is to hop on a boat and take a doesn't matter where the boat takes you, as long as you get to relax the Porters are happy.  When Brad and I were planning our summer vacation this past winter, we decided to go Porter vacation style and yes, take a cruise!  Our cruise was super relaxing.  Most days were filled with eating cookies and ice cream, reading a book, sitting poolside, and taking a mid afternoon nap.  Did I mention that we ate cookies and ice cream?  We probably ate cookies after and in between every meal.  They were disgustingly delicious.  Although we were able to kick back and relax Porter style, we definitely threw in some Jenkins adventure and took advantage of some of the excursions on land.  Check out our week in the Western Caribbean...

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  1. Just reading about the Jenkins vacation made me exhausted..where's the couch, I need to sit down ;)