Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

Growing up my family spent a lot of 4th of July's at my grandparents' house in Red Springs, NC.  I loved 4th of July in Red Springs because we always spent the day swimming in the pool with my big cousins and eating watermelon.  There's something about the pool and eating watermelon that brings back so many 4th of July memories.  We always ended the evening with a traditional 4th of July dinner which consisted of steak, corn, and potatoes.  I know many people love the grand fireworks shows that most cities host, but to me, it's not a complete 4th of July unless there are sparklers.  We always did sparklers in Red Springs.  They aren't big or loud or grand, but they sure are fun and they always make me think of summers with my cousins.

This past 4th of July Brad and I found ourselves without any plans, so in keeping with family tradition, we tried to recreate a Red Springs 4th of July.  We cooked a traditional Red Springs dinner and topped it off with sparklers over at our neighbor's house.  Our dog Bailey and my mom's dog Gracie even joined in on the fun...I made them 4th of July doggie biscuits!  We tried to have the dogs eat at the dinner table with us, but that didn't work out too well.  Check out all the fun we had...(Oh...the babies pictured below aren't ours...but I LOVE this picture).



Baby Jack and Baby Rawls

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