Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

So, we've finally become friends with our neighbors! Getting to know them has been difficult because they don't speak any English, but we've watched them a lot because they are always outside working in their most spectacular garden! They frequently switch out their crops and I'm convinced that they've never actually bought their own produce at the grocery store. They grow all kinds of things...chili peppers, lettuce, name it and I bet they've grown it! We've always been waving kind of neighbors...but nothing more than that. Lately we've both been having LOTS of problems with deer eating just about everything in our yards. So, being the neighborly neighbor that I am, I decided I'd help them try and salvage their crops by giving them our screen door that wasn't being used.

This past week, they returned the favor by bringing me a whole basket filled with cucumbers! Check them bad babies out! I ate one whole this morning as if I was eating a banana. It was delicious.

So, I'm off to the store to buy the ingredients to make cucumber salsa. Watch out're not the only cook in the family!

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