Friday, June 4, 2010

My Grandmother Can Do Anything...

My Grandmama is 79 years old and she is the youngest 79 year old woman that I've ever met. She can do just about anything. She lives in a split-level house and has been tending her huge lawn (with hills) all by herself for over 20 years. This past year her push mower broke and she did what I always do when something my Daddy. Come to find out, Daddy was traveling and wouldn't be able to get to her house for another two weeks. So, she said to herself in her best southern accent, "I'm not waitin' for him to come, I'm gonna to tackle this thing myself!" So she got out the owner's manual and fixed that ol' push mower up! What 79 year old woman do you know that can fix her own push mower? (Pictured below: Grandmama and Grandpa Ted, big brother Blair, and me!)
Well that brings me to today. I've gone for my morning jog (well it was more of a jog/walk) out on Sullivan's Island with my good friend Laura, went to Publix to buy a Diet Coke, and stopped by Tuesday Morning to buy a tassel (more blogging on tassels later...boys, I know you can't wait!). I get home and realize I have several more hours before my hubby gets off work. The laundry's already folded and put away, the kitchen's clean, the floors are swept. What it the world can I do now? And then I think of my Grandmama...and her push mower...and her huge yard with a hill...and then I think of my ever so tiny yard with no hills. Maybe, just maybe, I can tackle my yard just like my Grandmama. I go over to my neighbor's house (the one that speaks English), and get a 2 minute tutorial on how to cut the grass. 1. Check oil. 2. Put gas in tank 3. Press the red squishy button 4. Hold the little red lever bar down 5. Pull the line and crank that bad baby up! I finished the yard in 20 minutes! I was sweatin' and out of breath by the time I was done...but...I tackled it! Grandmama would be proud! Lessons learned: pick up all doggie poops before you begin. I'll tackle edging next week...

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  1. I took on the task of cutting our grass today too (thought I would surprise Taylor when he got home from work).. I thought I was going to fall over half way through. I never realized how huge our yard was! Took me a little over an hour. There was a lot of deep breathing and thoughts of "what the heck was I thinking!"

    We are WOMAN. Hear US roar!!