Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watch Out Michelangelo...You're Not the Only One Who Can Sculpt!

Every year Isle of Palms hosts a sand sculpting contest as part of Charleston's Piccolo Spoleto festival. The Porters are very this contest was right up our alley! We teamed up with our good friends, Chris and Laura McDougald (who are just as competitive as we are), and schemed up a good plan...check out our hard work!
After all is said and done...we DID manage to have lots of fun. Not wanting to wait around for the awards ceremony, we quickly packed up our shovels, threw away our "special effect," hung our heads down low, and walked away in defeat...discussing what we could have done to avoid the catastrophe and what we will do better next year. After we arrived home, we get a surprising phone call from a friend who was also participating in the contest and did stick around for the awards ceremony. We soon found out that WE WON! We didn't win the grand prize...but we did come in 3rd place for Best Sand Sculpting Idea! We will be picking up our trophy next week and will proudly put it on display right next to our gingerbread house trophy. Watch out Michelangelo, you're not the only one who can sculpt!

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  1. This is a great recap of the day's events! Isn't ironic that the special effect was our demise and yet the boys are scheming up even more elaborate plans for next year! More great memories to be made! We had a blast! Yea team Porter-McDougald! :)