Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My List

So, I'm a librarian and I LOVE to make lists and organize things...anything. A few months back, I made stickers to put on the tops of all of my spices so I could easily read them as soon as I open the pantry door. It's helped save at least 1 minute of time hunting and pecking every time I go searching for a spice (or when Brad goes searching for a spice...he does most of our cooking!). You can do this project yourself in less than 10 minutes if you want to save yourself 1 minute a day too!

So, yes...I love to organize. School's officially out and today's my first day of summer vacation! I have the whole summer to organize and make lists. I can't wait! Today I'm going to share my first list of summer rules. I need these rules so I don't become a bump on a log and veg out in front of the TV all day. These rules will help keep my summer productive and goes nothing!

LA's List of Summer Rules:

1. No TV until after 8:00 pm (minus morning and evening news...Regis and Kelly and Talk Soup do not count as news)
2. Always be reading a book
3. Get to know my neighbors
4. Work out 4 times a week
5. Memorize scripture (new verse once a week)
6. Call my Grandmother every week
7. Keep my fingernails painted at all times to keep from biting them! I stopped biting them in November and have had my first relapse this past month!)
8. Start a blog [check]

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