Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tomorrow is a Very Important Day

Y'all, tomorrow is September 1st!  This is the day that decorators all across the globe have been waiting for...the first day you can actually start putting out Fall decorations!  Yippie!!!  My Fall decorations have been feeling like Woody from Toy Story...they've been packed away in storage praying that someone will "play" with them again.  Well I'm here to rescue them from their dark and dusty corner and display them all over the house :)

My new Marshall's purchase.

I even treated myself to a new Fall decoration from Marshall's today.  I figured since I've anxiously awaited the whole summer to finally be able to decorate with pumpkins, straw, nuts, and berries, then I may as well reward myself with something new ;o)  I'm sure my hubby won't mind one bit.  He understands my anticipation for Fall...he's been anticipating Fall just as long as I have...but for very different reasons.

Think Black and Gold...

Jeff and Brad, 1982

Or better yet, Orange and Purple...

Blair, Cara, LA, and Brad at Clemson game 2008

I can already hear the Tiger Rag as I type!  C-L-E-M-S-OOOOO-N!  

When football season comes around, I can say goodbye to my Saturdays and Sundays because my hubby will be permanently tuned into ESPN.  It's ok though...I'll forgive him for his football antics if he'll forgive me for redecorating the entire house just because the season has changed.  ;o)  

Moral of the Story...no matter if you're a decorator, a football fanatic, or both...have a Happy Fall, y'all!

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  1. I love fall, too....and usually start decorating Sept. 1st....
    But can't get in the mood yet...it's still too hot. Can hardly wait for fall weather.