Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Carolina Girl Married A Clemson Boy

If you've ever driven by the Porter house, you might have noticed that the collegiate flag hung just outside our front door is in constant rotation throughout the year.  Sometimes the flag is UNC...other times it is Clemson.  Yes, we are definitely a "house divided."  Our first big marital dispute was over which flag we would hang outside.  Orange or Blue?  Tiger or Tarheel?  Because both of us are incredibly stubborn, neither one of us gave in to the other.  After hours of debating, acting like two-year-olds, and hiding each other's flags, we had to come up with "flag rules" to help keep our marital disputes at bay ;)  Here is what we came up with...
  • Brad will fly the Clemson flag during football season
  • I will fly the UNC flag during basketball season
  • Whenever the two teams play one another, be it football or basketball, the home team gets their flag flown.
  • If the two teams are playing one another in a championship; I fly the UNC flag for all basketball events, and Brad flies the Clemson flag for all football events.
Two weeks ago, Clemson played UNC in football at Chapel Hill.  Instead of hanging our flags outside the house, we packed them up and headed up to Chapel Hill...hanging both of them proudly outside our tailgating tent!  No marital disputes broke out and everyone was happy!

Here are some pictures from our wonderful weekend with UNC/Clemson friends up in Chapel Hill:

How many Clemson boys does it take to put up a
tailgating tent?

A Carolina girl married a Clemson boy...
"For Better or for Worse"

Me and Laura with Ramses

Me and Laura kissing Ramses..woo-hoo!

Stephanie, Me, Katie

The Old Well

Abigail, Lisa, Laura


Carolina Won!  21 to 16!
And he still loves me after losing ;)